Lots of people now are playing roulette online – it’s simple to play and a great way to learn the game. However if you want to beat online roulette you’ll need a basic strategy to play. Roulette is a game of chance it was invented in the 18th Century and is still known as the ‘King of Casino Games’ probably due to its glamourous background with European royalty and the casinos of Monte Carlo.

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Craps is a relatively simple game. It is played with two dice. Each die has six sides numbered 1 through 6. Thus, each cube has six equal possible outcomes when rolled. Casino dice are distinct, unlike dice used in other games such as Monopoly, Backgammon and other board games. Casino dice are larger with sharp pointed edges, also called precision dice or “perfect” dice. Casino dice are transparent to prevent tampering and from players weighting them (loaded dice). It is virtually impossible to weight the dice with a foreign material if you can see through the dice. Casino dice are also imprinted with the casino’s logo or name and are coded with numbers so that a casino employee can verify their authenticity and prevent switching.

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Do you think you know all 101 plays the Poker Pros use to win a poker tournament?

After reviewing the tournament poker strategies the Pros use, here are 5 plays you probably don’t know:

1. The Naked Ace Bluff

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