Not only does the internet offer a wide range of marketing opportunities for operators, it is also a highly efficient way of conveying the message that great fortune and financial success is possible for everyone. No one is excluded – except of course millions of Americans. Strict legislation making online gambling illegal in the US has been a great obstacle for American online gambling operators and users. With the Bush-administration in power the laws were tightened even further and even in the few progressive states where some forms of online gambling are allowed, the market is kept on a short leash.

March 13, 2009 | Comments (2)

While having a strong poker hand is surely an important element to winning a hand , there is also something very important that many players, especially players that are new to the game often forget. Whether you are playing poker at a land based casino or you are taking a chance at the tables at an online casino, poker is game that involves many aspects one of which is learning exactly who you are playing with and exactly how to play them. Its also very important to pick an online casino which maximises your chances of being able to play the player and not the cards. Read some reviews online and soon you’ll realise which casinos are the best to play at. We found this intercasino review to be particularly useful.

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