The online gambling industry is expanding at an alarming rate. With online casinos popping up all over the internet, there are literally hundreds to choose from, each recruiting new customers every day. Now, the demand has become so great that online casinos have started hiring droves of new employees in order to deal with all of their customer support issues and ensure that the software is running at full capacity.

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Online casinos allow players to do their banking through a variety of different options. While credit cards, debit cards and e-wallets are the most popular, they are very restrictive, often leaving out players who cannot obtain a credit card. This predicament has prevented many players from signup, but prepaid vouchers present a new alternative.

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In the online casino world, there are two main types of games: downloadable and browser-based. Downloadable games come as part of an entire casino suite that players must use from their computer, while browser-based games are Flash- or Java-run programs that can be accessed from any computer with a speedy internet connection.

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Ever since casino games were invented, there have always been people who try to beat the system. The obsession began in 1654, when mathematician Blaise Pascal was called upon by a friend to help with a wagering proposition. Ever since then, other brave souls have devised their own plans, creating a series of betting systems that allow players to maximize their profits based on the way that they choose to increase or decrease their bets.

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