Cluedo Online Slots put a new spin on an old classic board game, giving adults the chance to relive their childhood years and win some great cash prizes while they’re at it! The game is becoming increasingly popular in the online slots world, as more and more players discover the exciting experience that playing Cluedo slots can offer.

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With the ever-popular Monopoly online slot machine, players can win more than just “Monopoly money”. There are some lucrative prizes up for grabs, including a $5000 jackpot prize, and many chances to win bonus cash. The game also features symbols that evoke the classic board game, including game pieces, stacks of Monopoly money and the mustachioed Mr. Monopoly Man.

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Chit Chat Bingo is one of the most popular online bingo sites on the web today with a totally new look launched a few days ago. The site’s operator strives to keep its players captivated with a wide range of generous promotions, dozens of great games and a friendly social environment. Players at Chit Chat Bingo rave about the high quality of their online bingo experience, and with good reason.

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Many people may think that online gambling goes as far back as when the internet was born but the truth is, they really only started in 1994. But the journey that they industry has been on for the past 16 years is a long, successful one with plenty of interesting stories picked up along the way.

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There is a serious mistake that many gamblers make repeatedly when placing their bets and could very well be causing players to lose big. Known as the gambler’s fallacy, the mistake occurs when a player is influenced by the results of previous trials.

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Online casino bonuses are being offered left, right and centre now that casinos have so much competition. This is great news for players because they can choose whichever bonuses suit their needs the best. However, too many choices can also be confusing. A breakdown of the most common bonuses is below:

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The gambling industry has seen its fair share of adventurous people but nothing compares to this list of players who made incredibly risky choices with equally shocking results.

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